Wechat Public Number Increases Fans

For the corporate public, this has always been a big mountain bothering many bosses. Every time we see the increasing number of public names, we can only salivate. I have sorted out some methods and listed some useful measures to increase the public number of companies. Now I would like to share with you. Maybe many people think that this method I have heard before, the key is that you have tried it?
Sharing the principle of free weighing and powder addition:
For fans, as long as they pay attention to the Wechat public number (or personal micro-signal friends of the merchants), the background will send the measurement information to the personal mobile phone of the surveyor, such as the weight, body fat and other health data of the fans.
For advertisers, every time someone measures the data, it is a live fan’s concern, Weixin public fans can continue to increase.

Shared scale is the preferred powder absorber for public number.

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Sharing the advantages of free weighing and powder addition:
Let’s start with some traditional ways to increase the number of fans. The advantage of these methods is that they can get a large number of fans in a short time, but the user retention is very low, or they can become zombie powder directly.
When I used the shared scale to raise the powder and pay attention to the Weixin brand for a moment, I realized that the source of the fans was actually a novel way to add the powder. But sharing weighing scale powder is different in that it records your weight data every time, encourages you to take weight measurements regularly, and gives you relevant exercise and dietary advice, which can play a very good role in activeness. At the same time, customers will not easily cancel the attention, and it also has a good effect on user retention.
When you accumulate a certain number of users, you can use these fans to do a lot of things, or advertise the company, or sell their products. The cost of powder absorption previously invested can be recovered soon.
Traffic is money in the Internet age. In order to obtain user traffic, the powder adding scheme is becoming more and more advanced.

Solutions to the related questions of [Shared Scale Powder Absorption]:
Firstly, [Sharing Scale Powder Absorption] can be added precisely: male/sexual fans, female/sexual fans, regional fans.
Chengdu Buyer Consultation: How can the public quickly absorb powder? Is it useful to share weight scales? How much does it cost to share the scales with fans? Are sharing electronic scales plus fans real fans? How about the pass rate of adding powder to the shared scale?
Longnan Personal Subscription Number Pulverizing Channel Recommendation: Shared Body Fat Scale Pulverizing
Bengbu Enterprise Public Number Pulverized Sales Area: Most of the country, such as Tongchuan, Tongling, Weinan, Rizhao
Main business of Panshi Studio: subscription number, shared weight scale, public number flow, self-Media data maintenance and so on.
Secondly, why can sharing electronic scales and adding powder be unique?
1. Advertising media resources in outdoor advertising market have been basically occupied. As a new type of advertising media, intelligent sharing scale has no market competition pressure.
2. Many advertisements in the market have no value, just look at them, and they have not much practical value. Shared body fat scale has a sense of participation, and is suitable for the public, and very practical.
3. Many outdoor advertisements need to be replaced regularly, consumables, labor and maintenance costs are high, while sharing weighing scale, advertising manufacturing costs are low, and maintenance is not necessary.
4. Sharing the profit model of free weighing scale is still very many, simple and convenient, and the market space is very large.
5. Shared scales can be placed in stores, pharmacies, hotels and so on, so all the fans are real live fans, and the fans are active, low cost, accurate and high quality fans.
Shared scale is preferred for public size powder absorption

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